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Andro 400 Review

Many men deal with dwindling testosterone levels as they age. This is followed by a decline in sexual, physical, and mental performance.

You’ll start losing muscle mass and gain fat around your belly. Andro 400 is a dietary supplement that you can use to bring your testosterone levels back up.

It’s a testosterone booster containing a potent herbal ingredient that’s known to boost sexual function. So, if your testosterone levels have been declining, this is a great product to use.

And, I’m not suggesting this product blindly. I’ve used this product at a time in my life when I thought I was losing a grip on my health, only to turn out that my dipping testosterone levels were to blame.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Andro 400 before you buy it and disclose my experience using it. Make sure to read the entire Andro 400 review because at the end, I’ll introduce you to an alternative testosterone booster that helped me further when I stopped using Andro 400.

Andro 400 Review

Brand Overview

Andro 400 is a herbal dietary supplement manufactured by Natural Health Concepts. It has been in the market since 2004, so a lot of men and women have already used it.

Yes, that’s right, this testosterone booster is also safe for women, but we’ll look into that later.

With so many years in the industry, this product had already built a reputation that you can easily check to build trust. The fact that it has remained in the market so long is a sign that it works and that thousands of customers keep buying it.

Andro 400 is 100% natural. It contains one ingredient, a herb known as Eurycoma Longifolia. This herb has been used for many centuries in traditional medicine as a remedy for diminishing sexual function and other health conditions.

This product doesn’t contain any synthetic testosterone, unlike other boosters in the market. Instead, it makes use of an ingredient that can boost your body’s natural testosterone production.

This paves the way for completely natural results without any side effects. When taken for long enough, this supplement can help boost libido, sex drive, melt belly fat, and enhance your energy and vitality.

Whether you’re in your 70s or 30s, you can use Andro 400. It can help raise low testosterone levels or boost your sports performance and sex drive if you already have healthy levels.


  • It’s completely natural with no artificial fillers or synthetic hormones.
  • It raises the production of testosterone in the body, therefore preventing the harmful side effect of low T (testosterone) levels.
  • Andro 400 is more affordable than most testosterone boosters in the market.
  • It improves physical and sexual performance.
  • It boosts blood circulation in the body.
  • Increases energy and vitality.
  • Aids in fat burning, leading to weight loss.
  • It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.
  • It’s in the form of a pill, which is easy to use at any time of the day.
  • It has been in the market for long and has been proven to work by thousands of users.


  • Only available for sale online.
  • Not suitable for use by pregnant or lactating mothers.
  • Only contains one ingredient, which might not be as powerful as other, more diverse natural formulations.
  • May be ineffective in some men, or effects may be delayed.


Andro 400 Review

Andro 400 only contains a single active ingredient, known as Eurycoma Longifolia. Here’s what you need to know about it, and how it works:

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia is a natural herb that grows in the rain forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. It has been used for centuries to boost testosterone, relieve pain, improve libido, and speed up healing from various ailments.

It’s also used to relieve stress and boost energy. Each pill off Andro 400 contains 150mg of Eurycoma Longifolia.

When taken, it stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. It also promotes the release of testosterone that has been bound by the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

This increases the level of free testosterone in your body, which is ready for absorption into cells and tissues.

Eurycoma Longifolia also regulates the conversion of testosterone in the body to estrogen. This prevents high estrogen levels in your body, which can contribute to depression and weight gain.

Through the action of this ingredient, many men using Andro 400 are able to witness increased testosterone levels in their bodies. Other health benefits include decreased pain, increased energy, and better mental focus.

How Does Andro 400 Work?

Andro 400 was the first natural testosterone booster I used when my levels dropped. I figured that since tens of thousands have already used it without any side effects, it would work for me too.

I used to be a track athlete during my college days, and I won a fair number of races for my campus. Due to my active lifestyle back then, I was in good shape.

I had muscles to be proud of, and a six-pack that I liked showing off. Once I graduated, I got a job at a marketing firm – I had majored in finance – and my new life commenced.

My work was great, and even though I was no longer a competitive athlete, I maintained an active lifestyle. I would hit the gym twice a week and go for runs during the weekend.

Shortly after my 28th birthday, I was promoted to a higher rank in my company. My work life got busier, and I had less time to hit the gym.

However, I was still able to take my weekend runs. By and by, I began feeling tired most of the time, and I started skipping my gym sessions.

I assumed that it was due to my increasing responsibilities at work, so I didn’t think much of it.

Fast forward to a few months later, and I noticed that my abs were no longer as visible as they used to be.

Andro 400 Review

My health declined…

Soon, I was unable to keep up with my weekend runs. My muscle mass was dwindling fast, and I was becoming weighed down by anxiety and stress.

To make things worse, my performance in the bedroom was no longer what it used to be. My girlfriend suggested that I seek medical advice because it was clear that my health was worsening in several ways.

When I went to the doctor, I was apprehensive. Could I have developed a serious health condition, like high blood sugar perhaps?

Several tests later, my doctor informed me that my testosterone levels were dropping. Apparently, my body was not producing as much testosterone as was normal for a man my age.

My doctor prescribed some testosterone pills for me, and I took them home, hoping for the best results. A week into using them and I noticed that I was nauseous most of the time and had developed a consistent headache.

I talked to my doctor, and with a bit of research, I found out that these were common side effects of using testosterone pills. I wasn’t ready to put up with these symptoms on a daily basis, so I began researching for better methods to fix my testosterone levels.

That’s when I came across Andro 400, a natural testosterone booster that claimed to increase the hormone levels without any side effects. Hooked, I decided to find out more about how it works.

Andro 400 Review

How Andro 400 Works

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. It’s also found in women, but it does not have as much of a central role as it does with men.

For you, as a man, testosterone is what determines your physical appearance and sexual development. It’s, therefore, essential for your health.

Andro 400 works by boosting testosterone production in the body. In this way, it solves the damages that can be caused by low testosterone and allows you to enjoy the benefits of high testosterone levels.

Natural Health Concepts claims that Andro 400 works in the following ways:

  • It boosts the natural production of testosterone without introducing any synthetic chemicals or hormones to your body. This is unlike most testosterone boosters in the market.
  • Andro 400 boosts your energy and vitality, which are also tied to increased testosterone production. You’ll be able to take part in physical activities and exercise without feeling fatigued easily.
  • This supplement promotes muscle growth and development. It also plays a role in ensuring that you don’t lose existing muscle mass.
  • It helps melt belly fat, which accumulates due to low testosterone levels. Testosterone blocks activity by an enzyme that encourages the uptake of fat into body cells, thereby inhibiting fat storage.
  • Andro 400 boosts libido up to 90% in men who use it. Women, too, will notice significant improvements in their sexual desire.
  • This testosterone booster improves mental performance by enhancing focus, memory, and regulating mood.

How to Use Andro 400

The recommended dosage for Andro 400 is 2 capsules daily. Each bottle contains 60 pills, which means that it can last you for up to a month.

Within 2-3 weeks of using the supplement, you should start experiencing increases in your energy levels. If this doesn’t happen – it didn’t work for me- you should increase your dosage by one or two pills daily.

With the increased dosage, you should be able to notice improvements in your mental and physical well-being. Your sexual performance should also improve.

If this doesn’t happen or the results are too slow, it’s an indication that you need to look for a more potent testosterone booster.

Women using this supplement can get by with just a pill daily. In women, this pill can:

  • Improve libido.
  • Provide pain relief.
  • Boosts fat loss.
  • Provide relief from menstrual symptoms.

If a single pill does not work, increase it to 2 or 3 per day. Andro 400 is a great testosterone booster for women because it does not present side effects such as voice deepening or increased body hair.

Another plus of using Andro 400 is that most customers have been able to use it alongside various medications without experiencing any negative effects. Some have used it with hypertension or diabetes medicine with no problems.

To ensure that it’s safe for you too, leave a 2-hour gap between when you take the supplement and when you take your medicine. You can also consult your physician for further advice.

How Long Can You Use Andro 400?

You can use Andro 400 for as long as you want. It’s safe for continuous use because it only contains natural ingredients that are not toxic to your body.

It’s also not habit-forming like some artificial testosterone pills. Therefore, you can use it for the rest of your life if you wish.

Also, it’s important to keep using it in order to benefit from increased testosterone levels, reduced body fat, and other health benefits.

This is because once you stop using the supplement, your testosterone levels will drop back to where they were before. This will likely happen after three weeks of not taking the supplement.

Benefits of Using Andro 400

According to customer feedback, many of them begin experiencing the effects of Andro 400 within 3 weeks. For me, it took a bit longer than that.

By the time I was through my first bottle, which lasted a month, I had noticed the following effects:

  • My energy levels were improving.
  • There were no side effects, which was a major plus.
  • I was sleeping better.
  • My anxiety was decreasing.

It took another bottle for me to start noticing a significant decrease in my belly fat. Mid-way through the second bottle, my sex drive was beginning to be what it had been before.

Based on my experience and that of other customers, the benefits of using Andro 400 are:

  • It helps your body to produce more testosterone.
  • Increased burning of the fats in your body which leads to weight loss and more energy production.
  • Improved mental health due to a decrease in stress and anxiety levels, which are caused by low testosterone levels.
  • Better sleep quality, which is enhanced by improving mental health.
  • It has no side effects compared to many other testosterone boosters in the market.
  • Andro 400 only contains one ingredient, which means it has a minimum risk of allergies, drug interactions, or other side effects
  • Since it does not contain any synthetic hormones, it’s suitable for use by both men and women.
  • It increases libido and boosts sex drive.

Are There any Side Effects of Using Andro 400?

Andro 400 contains Eurycoma Longifolia, a herb that has been proven by scientific studies to be effective in restoring testosterone production in the body. It has also been shown to have no harmful effects on human health.

Because of this and the fact that it’s produced under sterile conditions with no contamination, Andro 400 has no side effects.

If you’ve been using other testosterone boosters that cause nausea, headaches, and other unpleasant effects, Andro 400 can be great for you.

I began using it to escape side effects, and I found that it was a much better option than the prescription pills I was using before.

However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this supplement. This is because of their delicate hormone balance at these stages, which should only be addressed by trained health practitioners.

Where to Buy Andro 400, Prices, and Guarantees

You can buy Andro 400 from the official website. It’s not available for sale at other online or physical stores.

Here are the prices for different bundles:

  • A single bottle goes for $34.95.
  • For 3 bottles, you’ll pay $89.
  • 6 bottles are worth $159.
  • For 12 bottles, you’ll part with only $259.
  • When you choose auto-shipping, you’ll pay $29.95 per month.

As you can see, you’ll get the best value for your money when you buy more bottles. To make these offers even more attractive, free shipping is offered within the United States for all orders.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results of the product, you should return the empty, partly used, or unopened bottles to an address provided by the manufacturer.

Upon receipt of the returned bottles, your full purchase price will be refunded to you within 48 working hours. This guarantee means that you can try Andro 400 today, risk-free.

Andro 400 Alternative

As I already mentioned, my results when using Andro 400 were a bit slow. Since I was eager to see results faster, I decided to look for another natural testosterone booster that could be more useful to me.

I discovered Testogen, which is a great alternative for Andro 400. That’s why I’m including it in this Andro 400 review so that you can know what other options you’ve got.

Andro 400 Review

Testogen is also a completely natural testosterone booster with no artificial ingredients. Like Andro 400, it works to boost the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Some of the benefits of using Testogen are:

  • Increased muscle growth, strength, and size.
  • Accelerated weight loss.
  • Improved mental health.
  • Enhanced libido and better sexual performance.
  • More energy.

Once I began using Testogen, my testosterone levels were able to increase rapidly. I figured that this was because of the more potent formula of the supplement compared to Andro 400.

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen contains 11 ingredients, all of which have been proven to improve testosterone production and general health.

These ingredients are:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Zinc and Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D3
  • Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Bioperine
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract
  • Vitamin K1

All of the ingredients mentioned above have been included in the supplement in portions that are safe to use. Together, they help raise T levels in your body and fix other symptoms of low testosterone.

Testogen works through this powerful blend of ingredients to increase the release of testosterone in the body. This supplement does not contain actual testosterone, which usually causes various side effects when taken orally.

With consistent use of Testogen, you’ll notice that the following side effects of low testosterone will begin disappearing:

  • Decreased energy levels.
  • Depression
  • Loss of muscle mass.
  • Weight gain.
  • Fatigue
  • Low sex drive.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Low semen levels.
  • Decreasing bone mass.

When you buy Testogen, you’ll get a 100-day money-back guarantee. But this is only if you buy more than a month’s supply.

This is more than enough time to gauge whether this supplement works for you. If you’re not satisfied with the results, send back the unopened bottles for a full purchase price refund.

Another perk of purchasing Testogen is that you’ll get access to download a free Testosterone-Boosting ebook. This book will give you insight on the best foods and workouts to use to boost testosterone production and muscle growth.

Free worldwide shipping is available for all orders, which is another thing that I found to be more attractive than Andro 400.

Conclusion: Is Andro 400 Worth the Hype?

It’s without a doubt that Andro 400 is one of the best natural testosterone boosters in the market right now. This supplement has been used by both men and women for more than a decade, and more keep using it to improve their testosterone levels.

Perhaps the only downside to Andro 400 is its simple formula. With just one active ingredient, it’s not as powerful as other natural T boosters with more advanced formulas.

This is why for some people like me, results can be a bit delayed or not satisfactory. The manufacturer has other alternatives for Andro 400, which include a higher dosage of Eurycoma Longifolia per pill alongside other ingredients.

Therefore, if you find that Andro 400 is too basic for you, you can go for them. Testogen, which I’ve mentioned in this Andro 400 review, is also a great option that worked for me.

All in all, I believe that Andro 400 is a great product for young men like me who have issues with low testosterone. It’s 100% natural, has no side effects, and relatively affordable compared to other testosterone boosters in the market.