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Prime Male Review

Do you find yourself feeling weaker as you get older, feeling tired more easily, and having a hard time to go at it in the bedroom like you once did? If you do, don’t feel bad because so do most other men as they age.

It’s a sad fact of life that as we get older, which makes us the men, we are diminishes every single year. It’s unavoidable, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Or can we? I am here to tell you that we most certainly can thank supplements that can help to boost our testosterone levels.

In this particular article, I’m going to be reviewing one such supplement that I tried out with positive results. So fellas, here is my Prime Male review.

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What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a daily supplement that claims to have the ability to naturally boost your testosterone levels. So, this brings the question of what exactly does that mean?

Well, we get older, our testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. By the age of 17, our testosterone levels are at their prime, and it’s pretty obvious at that age.

We are energetic, strong, and have libidos that could reach the sky if it were possible. And we stay that way for up to two decades before things begin to change.

Our testosterone levels begin to drop by the time we are aged 30, and from then on, it really plummets. By the time we reach 50, we’re dragging by, weak, and struggling to enjoy sex.

Prime Male is a dietary supplement made to help reverse this effect by stimulating the body to create more testosterone on its own. By doing so, it’ll make aging feel much less boring and give us some life back.

Why Use Prime Male?

As I already mentioned, Prime Male is made with all-natural ingredients that are proven to help the body make its own testosterone levels. This is what drew me into deciding to give Prime Male a test drive rather than some other testosterone booster.

Prime Male Review

You see, like so many other men in their 40’s, I was at a point where it was rough for me to do the things that I used to. Whereas I used to be in such good shape, my body was filling out, and I was getting that “dad bod” that us older guys are famous for.

I didn’t like it, being the former athletic guy that I was. Not to mention the fact that the wife would want time together in the bedroom, and sometimes, I just didn’t feel like it.

My life was in a downward spiral, and it was beginning to take a hit on my mental health. My therapist was wanting to put me on antidepressants, which I’d never been on before.

Then, I finally decided to speak to my doctor about the problems I was having, and he gave me the revelation that I hadn’t realized: my testosterone levels were incredibly low. It explained everything.

Prime Male caught my attention when I was researching a way to get my testosterone back because it’s an all-natural way of doing so. After hearing all these horror stories of what can happen when you overproduce because of additional testosterone being put into your body, I was in.

What Are the Ingredients?

There are 12 ingredients that make up the formula for Prime Male, and they are referred to as the “anti-aging dirty dozen.” Each one of these ingredients is clinically tested and proven to stimulate the body into creating more testosterone.

These ingredients include:

Each of these ingredients works together to boost the body into producing testosterone on its own. They are all-natural for the body and good for you, and they won’t cause a long list of adverse side effects either.

With the combination of these ingredients, you have a dietary supplement that can really help you get your life back on track. You can get through your workday and get home without feeling like all you can do is sleep, and your wife will certainly notice the difference when things get sexual.

Prime Male Review

What Exactly Does It Do?

I went over the ingredients, but I didn’t really touch up on what they do and how they work. I understand why you’d want to know this; after all, I certainly did.

Let me take a minute and go over exactly how Prime Male gets your testosterone back on track.

Stimulates Production

This is the obvious one. D-AA-CC, BioPerine®, boron, red ginseng, and a few others of the ingredients directly impact the production of your testosterone.

They stimulate your cells to say hey, this guy needs his man-juice. The result is the production of testosterone, unlike what you’ve known for years.

This is what makes a man a man! It’s what makes us stronger, it’s what makes us energetic, and it’s what makes us crave sex.

Without it, we can hardly be considered men. So, getting this good stuff made for us once more does wonders for our bodies.

Reduces Estrogen

Yeah, this is a pretty big deal also. Did you know that your body is producing estrogen as well as testosterone and always has?

It was something that I learned when I started researching this topic, and I was pretty shocked. Especially when I learned that as you age, estrogen levels can start to overtake the testosterone.

This is what helps to cause emotional problems, extra body fat (including moobs), and other unmanly problems. Even if you’re not suffering from low testosterone, you just might be suffering from high estrogen.

Luteolin is one of the ingredients in the formula that work to block off some of this estrogen production. Blocking the extra estrogen will help your testosterone levels to take back over, and you can feel manly once again.

Lowers SHBG Count

This one was a new one to me because, let’s face it, I didn’t pay attention in school the way I should have when I learned this stuff. That, or it was just too long ago for me to remember.

Sex hormone-binding globulin is another hormone that binds to your testosterone and makes it unavailable for your body to use it. This is going to cause a problem if you’re trying to get your levels back on track.

Thus, you’ve got your ingredients that are going to lower your SHBG count and help your testosterone to flow free. Magnesium, mucuna pruriens, and nettle root are your friends in this endeavor.

All of these put together help you to get stronger and feel more comfortable in your own skin. And you’re not going to feel sick because of it like you would if you felt the need to take pharmaceutical medications or steroids.

What Are the Benefits?

There’s plenty of benefits that come with using Prime Male, and I’m going to go over some of them with you right now. These are, of course, based on my own personal experience with this product and may not be the same for everyone.

You’ll Feel Stronger

Remember when you were younger, and you felt like you could take on the world? You could hit the gym and pump weights for hours and not feel like you were struggling with it.

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Now in our older age, it’s a struggle just to get 30 minutes out of a workout before you’re out of breath and in a lot of pain. It’s hard to lift those heavier weights, no matter how hard you work to do it.

It simply doesn’t make any sense. Well, this is because of your dropping testosterone levels.

Getting your testosterone back on track will bring back some of that youthful strength. You’ll be able to lift weights at the gym, or even just bring in more groceries all at once than what you were doing before.

You’ll Be More Energetic

You work all day, and then you come home exhausted. It’s all because of the fact you hate your job, and it’s mentally exhausting to be there, right?

Well, as true as that may be, it’s not the only reason why. That natural drop in your testosterone is also making you lose energy a lot faster than what you used to.

Getting your levels back on track will slap that fatigue in the face, and you’ll be able to make it through the day again without feeling the need to take a nap. Don’t just work and sleep.

Work, play, and sleep. Come home and get some of that work done around the house that you keep telling yourself you’ll get to one day.

Welcome Back Your Libido

Get ready to say hello to your sex drive like you haven’t seen in years. With that declining testosterone levels, you probably haven’t been getting a lot of action recently.

The worse part about it is that it isn’t even your wife that’s been turning you away, but the other way around. Afterward, you sit there wondering what is wrong with you, and when did everything seem to go wrong.

Nothing’s gone wrong except that you’ve gotten older. You can have that old sex drive back and thoroughly enjoy it throughout the rest of your days.

You and the wife will love this part together. You’ll get going at it like you used to, and trust me, you’ll be enjoying it.

What Are the Side Effects?

I know this seems hard to believe, but Prime Male really doesn’t come with a whole lot of side effects attached to it. In fact, any side effects have not been reported.

This is because of the all-natural ingredients. They are natural to the body, and we’d be getting these ingredients anyway through the things we eat and drink.

That being said, I’m not a doctor, and if you have any concerns, you should definitely contact your doctor first and ask them about it. Especially if you have allergies, pre-existing medications, or medical problems.

Where Can It Be Bought?

Prime Male can only be bought on the official website. Always avoid purchasing products like Prime Male off third-party websites like Amazon as people like to use those places as a way to scam unsuspecting buyers.

If you decide to purchase Prime Male off Amazon anyway, be prepared that what you are buying might not be what you think it is. It could just be placebos for all you know.

Also, if you buy Prime Male off the official website, you’ll be able to purchase some great bulk deals and subject to a fantastic 90-day free trial. If you decide any time within those 90 days that it’s not what you were looking for, you can get a full refund.

The current prices for Prime Male on their website are as follows:

  • 1-month supply for $69
  • 2-month supply for $138
  • 4-month supply for $207

When you purchase the 2-month supply, it comes with free shipping for the US and UK. If you purchase the 4-month supply, you get free worldwide shipping, which is pretty awesome.


When I first decided to take Prime Male, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into. I just know that I was in a downward spiral, and I really wanted to change my life.

Within the first month, I was beginning to notice the difference. My waistline was beginning to slim, and I was getting action at least once a week because I wanted it.

By the end of the second month, the results were really coming in, and I felt like a new man. Based on my personal experience, Prime Male actually does work to get your testosterone back into gear.

What is great about Prime Male is that you can always take it, or if you decide to stop, you won’t feel sick because of it. You can take it for the rest of your life if you so decided.

I highly recommend Prime Male and suggest that if you’re sufferings low testosterone symptoms to give it a try. You got nothing to lose for 90 days, after all.