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VigRX Plus Review

It’s often said that sex isn’t the most important aspect when it comes to a relationship, but for most of us out there, it’s still a pretty big part of it. If there’s a lack of sex life between two people who are very sexually active, then it’s going to be bound to cause some problems.

Sometimes these problems are because of relationship strain that leads to partners not being interested in one another. Other times, it’s something that’s unavoidable due to medical problems or simple aging.

If you’re one of these like I once was, let me introduce you to a product that changed my life for the better: VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus Review

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement pill created by Leading Edge Health back in 2001. Ever since it’s release, it’s been said to be helping men all over the world with their erections and performance in the bedroom.

What really drew me into checking out VigRX Plus over other male enhancement pills, however, is the fact that this particular supplement is made with natural ingredients. Most others that I had looked into contained ingredients that I had no idea what they were and came with loads of side effects.

I was looking to change my life for the better, not change it in one way and be sick in another. So, of course, I was more interested in a supplement that would do more to benefit me than not.

Why Take VigRX Plus?

If you’re one of the millions of men suffering from a form of erectile dysfunction, just like I had been, then I highly recommend you consider VigRX Plus. As previously mentioned, it’s a male enhancement pill, but it’s unlike any other because it’s not loaded with chemicals and manmade ingredients.

There are a lot of reasons why men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and it definitely takes a hit on our mental health. If you’re experiencing ED and don’t know why the common causes for it are:

  • Getting older
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems

Seriously, I could keep going with this list, and I doubt I would ever get to the end. The reasons why ED happens are numerous, and it’s not always our fault.

Just because it’s not our fault doesn’t mean it can’t happen. As I got older, I began seeing problems, and I was seemingly healthy.

The struggle with aging and not being able to get hard and please my partners the way I used to sent me into a downward spiral of depression. Well, you can guess how that worked out for me.

I knew I needed to get my life back together, and I wanted to enjoy sex again. And that is what started me on my journey to find a male enhancement supplement that would work for me.

VigRX Plus Review

What Can You Expect from VigRX Plus?

I honestly wasn’t sure if this supplement would work the way that I read it would, but when I tried it, I found that this product really worked for me. It helped me to improve in the bedroom in both performance and even size.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I had been having some problems for quite some time in the bedroom. Getting older hadn’t been kind to me, and I couldn’t seem to reach the potential that I once did.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I started taking VigRX Plus, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t exactly hopeful. Well, I was pretty psyched to be proven wrong.

In just the first two weeks, it was apparent that it was beginning to have the desired effect. I wasn’t struggling nearly as bad to please my partners as I was before starting this supplement.

Some of the first things I began to notice were my:

  • Stamina increased immensely during intercourse
  • Erections were both stronger and fuller
  • Libido was significantly increased
  • Orgasms were much more intense

And that was just within the first two weeks.

What Ingredients Can be Found in VigRX Plus?

The first thing I need to praise about VigRX Plus is it’s made with ingredients that mother nature gifted us. The ingredients in this supplement are picked because of their effects, high quality, and freshness.

But just having an ingredient list isn’t going to do much, especially if you don’t know anything about them. I know I sure didn’t, so let me give you a quick list of the key ingredients and how they work to help.

Korean Red Ginseng (200mg)

This root is popular and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s been proven to help with erectile dysfunction and is an aphrodisiac.

Bioperine (10mg)

A cousin to black pepper, Bioperine is one of the newer ingredients to VigRX Plus, but it comes with its own uses. This spice helps your body to absorb minerals and nutrients more effectively, helping all of the ingredients in the supplement to do their job even better.

Damiana (200mg)

This plant has been used in medicines ever since the Mayan times. Not only is it a popular aphrodisiac, but it increases oxygen supply to your blood to help erections grow fuller and stronger.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf (200mg)

This is another herb that’s been used since traditional Chinese medicines, and it has plenty of antioxidant properties. It increases blood flow to the penis and also enhances the nervous system to increase your erection’s quality.

Saw Palmetto (200mg)

A palm from North America in the eastern Gulf coast, this plant has been used for centuries to treat sexual inadequacies. It works by stimulating the testosterone pathways and increasing the male’s libido.

Hawthorn Berry (200mg)

These berries are all around good for human health and assist with issues like cardiovascular. They’re a powerful antioxidant and stimulate blood flow to the penis to help with prolonging and maintaining them.

Now, I’m no scientist, but just looking at how these ingredients can help with getting your erection back up to standards speaks for itself, right? I put a lot of research into these supplements, and I’ve tried quite a few as well.  VigRX Plus is one of my favorites for a good reason.

Another thing that I like about VigRX Plus is the fact that they pack these capsules with the ingredients. They put the optimal amount into each one, so it works to continue getting consistent results.

VigRX Plus Review

How Does VigRX Plus Actually Work?

Alright, so how does this supplement work to get the erection going and the libido raging again? In the simplest terms possible, it works to increase the blood flow in the body and to the penis.

As you can see from the ingredients that I listed, a lot of them are antioxidants. If you’re unfamiliar with what those are, they are substances that work to put more oxygen in your blood.

By doing this, your veins are dilated, and more blood is able to get through the body faster and stronger. Not only is this good for erectile dysfunction, but it’s fantastic for trying to build muscle as well.

By increasing your body’s blood flow, you’re increasing the amount of blood that flows to your penis and causes an erection. More blood means a harder erection, and a harder erection means a happier you and a happier partner.

VigRX Plus isn’t just about getting you hard again, though. No, it’s about making you enjoy sex again.

That’s why quite a few of the ingredients are aphrodisiacs to help stimulate your libido and others that help to boost your testosterone. It makes you want it, and it makes you go at it hard and long, pun intended.

Are There Really No Side Effects to VigRX Plus?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that when I take VigRX Plus, I experience absolutely no side effects. I can also tell you that’s it’s rather difficult to find anyone reporting that they have had any side effects, either.

I checked review after review on the male virility supplements I take. I don’t want to risk my health just to get a good thing going in my sex life.

Sex is very important to me, but it’s not worth things like nausea, headache, or worse. VigRX Plus stands by as being one of the few that promised such and actually delivered.

The ingredients are natural and good for human health in more ways than just erectile dysfunction. This is why it can do these things without making you sick.

Please Talk to Your Doctor First

Let’s face it, I’m not a doctor, and I know very little about the medical field, so I can’t sit here and tell you that you will have absolutely no effects if you decide to take this supplement. There are always some things that you should be aware of before diving into it.

If you have allergies, check the list of ingredients before purchasing. If you’re still unsure of if you will be allergic to it or not, call up your doctor. They’ll help you figure it out and decide if it’s safe.

It’s also recommended if you are taking medications or have medical conditions to speak with your doctor first. Some of the ingredients are known to react with other medicines or flare-up medical conditions.

Just be safe and contact your physician first. As I already said, your health is always more important than a good time in the bedroom.

So, What Are the Pros and Cons to VigRX Plus?

I know what you’re thinking: This sounds way too good to be true. Well, for some men out there, that just may be the case (please see the above section).

VigRX Plus Review

But, if you are wondering if that’s the case due to other reasons and want to see a list of pros and cons, then gentlemen, you shall have it.


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Comes with no side effects
  • Fuller and stronger erections
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Enhanced girth
  • Incredible orgasms
  • Ejaculation control


  • Only available on the website (purchasing elsewhere may be a fake product)
  • Could react with medications
  • Some people have reported headaches

Now, call me crazy, but I think that the pros are worth the cons in this instance. As I have already stated, I personally had no side effects with this supplement, but there are some rare cases.

Headaches can be caused to those that find themselves a little more sensitive to the ingredients in this supplement than others. If you get nothing more than headaches, you’re fine to keep taking.

If you witness any other side effects, then I recommend you stop taking immediately and call your doctor.

What Are the Benefits from Using VigRX Plus?

From my personal experience with his supplement, the benefits are overwhelming and awesome. But I’ll take a second to break down the real benefits from using VigRX Plus rather than other male virility enhancers.

It’s Natural

I can’t get over it, and it’s what I always tell those who ask me about this supplement. The ingredients come straight from the Earth and were intensely researched.

You can look up each ingredient yourself and see why they are good in this formula and how it helps with ED. There’s not a single one in there that will leave you wondering what the heck it does if you look it up.

And because of the fact that it’s natural, you won’t get sick from taking it. You can take VigRX Plus and be rest assured that you’ll feel just as good, if not better, as you did when you went to bed in the first place.

Welcome Back, Sex Life

You’ll perform better than you have in years if you have any of the same results as what I did. When I first began to experience the effects kicking in, I gave it a test run.

VigRX Plus Review

I tell you now, neither of us was disappointed either during or after. I was able to go for so much longer than I had been able to since I was a teenager. And it only got better after that.

I enjoyed sex again in a way that I had been missing. VigRX Plus is the real deal to men like me.

More Than Just an Erection

This supplement will get you more than just a super hard erection that lasts long enough to get the job done (and then some). You’ll love sex, and it’s because of the control you’ll have over your own functions.

Part of the embarrassment to ED is the fact that sometimes we ejaculate prematurely when we can’t hold back any longer. Even if our partners swear, it’s not a problem that takes a hit on our pride that just won’t go away.

VigRX Plus helps to prevent premature ejaculation and gives us a little more control over it. You’ll be able to hold yourself back and keep going and going for as long as you want to.

Amazing Orgasms

Don’t get me started on how the orgasms are just that much sweeter when taking VigRX Plus. It could be the aphrodisiacs, the incredible erection, or the love for having sex again, but the orgasms are incredible fellas.

It’s part of what makes me look forward to my next session in the bedroom. The act itself is great, but in the end, it’s about that grand finale.

The orgasms last for longer, and they feel better. What more can you ask for, especially if you’ve been suffering from ED for any amount of time?

How Do You Take VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is a daily supplement, and it’s important that you follow the dosage and not exceed the recommended amount. I know that you’re eager to get back on the field, but exceeding dosage in things like this will lead to more problems than you are ready for.

In order to take VigRX Plus, you just take two pills a day. It doesn’t matter if you take them both at the same time or each at different times of the day, either.

Some say they had better results splitting up the dosage, while others preferred to take them together. Whichever you prefer, experiment with it and have some fun; just don’t exceed the daily 2.

In order to get the maximum possible results from VigRX Plus, make sure you take them for at least 4 months; otherwise, you’ll risk ending up like you were before you took it. VigRX Plus can help to change your life for the better, but it’s something that takes time.

Keep in Mind, We’re All Different

It’s worth mentioning one more time. We are all different, and our bodies react differently to everything that we put inside of it.

Just because I started to see results within two weeks doesn’t mean that you will. Just like how I read about people seeing results within the first few days, and I wasn’t that lucky.

It all comes down to our body’s chemistry and why we are dealing with this problem, to begin with. Don’t expect a miracle overnight and give this formula a chance to kick in before saying it’s garbage.

The ingredients in this supplement have the ability to become a permanent solution, but you need to have some patience. The love for sex and massive erections you’ll receive will be more than worth it.

Where Can You Get VigRX Plus?

Important: Do not buy this supplement off of any other website besides the official website here. It’s not worth the risk of getting a product that’s not genuine.

Avoid buying this product on like Amazon because there’s a lot of fakes out there, and you may be getting placebos instead of the real thing. It can be annoying to only be able to purchase it online and on one website, but hey… at least you know you are getting the real deal.

Not only that, but when you purchase directly off the website, you get the chance for great bulk prices. Like for example, the current prices for all this stuff are as follows:

  • 1-month supply for $69; retail $89.99
  • 2-month supply for $129; retail $179.98
  • 3-month supply for $179; retail $269.97
  • 6-month supply for $329; retail $539.94
  • 12-month supply for $589; retail $1,079.88

I know that some of that seems a bit pricey, but when you think about the fact of how many you are buying, you can see how much you are saving. Buying off the website is always the best choice.

Shipping and Returns

If you choose a bulk package of 3 months or more, you get yourself free global shipping, which is awesome. But 1-month and 2-month supplies will require you to pay a shipping fee to have it sent to your house.

It’s not the best for if you’re just wanting to test it out, but there’s good news on that part. VigRX Plus offers a satisfaction guarantee of 67 days.

That means that if you take this supplement for 67 days and decide it’s not for you, you get your money back with absolutely no questions asked. All you need to do is send back the empty containers, and the refund is all yours.

Is VigRX Plus Worth it?

In conclusion, yes, I think VigRX Plus very much so worth it. I had nothing but positive results with this supplement, and I’ve read way more positive reviews from people that have said similar things as what I witnessed.

If you’re tired of lacking in the bedroom or wondering why you’re not as good as you used to be, then step up and change your life. Get yourself a male virility enhancement that works, like VigRX Plus.

With researched studies that prove its claims, you’re not going to find many others that can own up to their word. If nothing else, take advantage of the 67-day money-back guarantee.

All you need is to purchase two bottles and use them both in their entirety. If you are still unsatisfied, then you lose absolutely nothing if you return the bottles within 67 days.